Our Strengths



With over 25 years of hands-on experience in corrugated cardboard box manufacturing,
Sivasidh Packs has always valued the importance of being a customer-centric business
enterprise. We invariably put our customers first and we promise and deliver highest quality products purely based on the customer’s needs and demands. Besides, Sivasidh Packs constantly believe that achieving 100% customer satisfaction on every single product we trade is THE key to our success.

Sivasidh Packs, as a manufacturing unit is supported by a full range of machineries and equipment like no other in the region. Be it a machine that was extensively used in our line business during 1990s or state-of- the-art machinery that is regarded as the most cutting-edge in corrugation business, we have it all!

We always go the extra mile in delivering the above and beyond  based on the customer requirements. Our high-speed, fully automatic plant can run over 250 meters per minute. Furthermore, it has a forward-looking cassette single facer, which enables us to change fluting rolls instantaneously and take corrugated boards with our customer’s desired combination.

It is a matter of pride to mention that the installation of our dedicated paper mill has afforded us recycling potentiality. Our paper mill's ability to produce over 150 tonnes on a day to day basis, we source raw materials at the lowest cost and lead time. Likewise, with the installation of our coal boiler, we help our bit to conserve and protect our planet as we say NO to cut down trees. Our ability to recycle and reproduce has branded us as a “100% eco-friendly” company among corrugated cardboard box manufacturers in all of South India.

Our sophisticated manufacturing plant,

  • Team of skilled employees,
  • Innovative operations,
  • Large- scale manufacturing capabilities,
  • Wide-ranging product line,
  • Clear and transparent trading,
  • Timely delivery of products and services,
  • Affordable product pricing and strict quality management practices for excellence,
  • Sivasidh Packs can offer the best in terms of quality, lead time and cost.

Vaithieswara Papers and Boards Pvt Ltd

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Tonnage       : 90 tonnes/day

GSM Range : 100 -200

BF Range     : 12 – 20

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Tonnage       : 60 tonnes/day

GSM Range : 100 -200

BF Range      : 12 and 14